Research Projects

Available projects


Genetic Control of Locomotion - César Mendes


Dissecting mechanisms of endocytic trafficking (de)regulation in neuronal aging and Alzheimer’s disease - Cláudia Almeida


Translational and mechanistic approaches on carbon monoxide as a modulator of neuroinflammation and neuroprotection in the brain - Helena Vieira


Targeting HIV-1 sanctuarie through immunotherapy - Helena Soares


Is there efficient brain repair in the african spiny mouse - Inês Araújo


Monocytes as neoangiogenesis promoters and anti cancer targets - Jacinta Serpa


Control of cardiomyocyte proliferation in disease and regenerative medicine - José Belo


FBXL5 role in embryonic stem cells differentiation towards cardiac cells - José Bragança


Neurobiologically Realistic Modelling of Language Processing - Karl Magnus Petersson


Molecular basis for the epigenetic regulation of MGP in cancer- Leonor Cancela


Reconstructing pigmented skin - Miguel Seabra 


Unveiling the epigenetic signatures that control carcinogenesis - Pedro Castelo Branco


Dissecting the role of Ral GTPase and exocyst in synaptic plasticity and regeneration - Rita Teodoro


Epigenetic regulation of gene expression during meiosis and oocyte maturation - Rui Martinho


Functional and pathological role of synucleins in retina -  Sandra Tenreiro


Targeting the carotid body to treat obesity - Silvia Conde


A Novel Role of Rab GTPases in Breast Cancer - Teresa Barona