Research Projects

Research Projects 


Ana Grenha: Study of the impact of dry powder insufflation over respiratory epithelial cells


Alexandra Reis/Natércia Conceição: From normative to poor readers: looking for genetic associations underlying reading abilities in adults


Alison Gontijo: Neuroendocrine control of development


Álvaro Tavares:  Dissecting the genetic and molecular control of cell proliferation


Catarina Homem: Regulation of Drosophila neural stem cells


César Mendes: Genetic Control of Locomotion


Clévio Nóbrega: Unravelling the role of RNA-binding proteins in Polyglutamine Diseases: from pathogenesis to therapeutics


Emilia Monteiro/Sofia Pereira: Targeting AhR metabolic circuitry for better diagnose and management of arterial hypertension


Hugo Miranda: Sugar Stress in the Brain


Inês Araújo/Gustavo Tiscornia: Is there efficient brain repair in the African spiny mouse?


José Bragança: Identification of genes responsible for Left Ventricular Noncompaction Cardiomyopathy: from bedside to the bench and back again


José Belo: Control of cardiomyocyte differentiation and proliferation in disease and regenerative medicine


Miguel Seabra: Reconstructing pigmented skin


Otília Vieira: Decipher the pro-atherogenic potential of a novel identified family of lipids in cardiovascular disease patients in vivo using zebrafish larvae


Paula Macedo: Non-Communicable diseases Stratification and Integration- a clinical to basic science approach


Paulo Gavaia/Vincent Laizé: Osteoclast contribution to the mechanisms of patterning and regeneration of the zebrafish fin rays


Paulo Pereira: Engineered exosomes as new therapeutic tools in disease and tissue regeneration

Pedro Castelo Branco: Unveiling the epigenetic signatures that control carcinogenesis


Raquel Andrade: Temporal Control of Mesoderm Specification


Rosalina Fonseca: Spatial and temporal rules of synaptic plasticity


Susana Lopes: Gene therapy approaches to restore ciliary function in CRISPR-Cas9 zebrafish mutant models of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia


Wolfgang Link: Counteract Melanoma´s next Move: Characterizing TRIB2-mediated Resistance to Therapies