The aim of Pro-RegeM is to equip students with a multidisciplinary training relevant for research in mechanisms of disease and regenerative medicine and to enable the transfer of their scientific skills to industry.


This programme is composed by:

1) A curricular structure designed to give candidates a strong foundation in core skills and also in transversal skills.

2) A research project focused on the scientific areas of the programme.


Curricular structure

The curricular structure of this programme is organized into a group of core and complementary skills courses taught jointly.


First year:

3 Core courses:

1) Developmental Biology – Animal Models of Disease (3 wks)


2) Stem Cells – Regenerative Mechanisms (3 wks)


3) Chronic and Degenerative diseases (3 wks).


Second year: 

Complementary skills courses

1) Science communication skills (1 wk)


Third year:

Complementary skills courses:

1) Translational Medicine (1 wk)


Fourth year:

Mini-MBA: course on Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship (2 wks).


In addition, each year, candidates have to attend research seminars (min 15/year, 1 ECTS), produce an annual report to the doctoral committee (1 ECTS), attend and present their work at the Annual Student Meeting (1.5 ECTS).


Research Project:

- The research project (4 years, 180 ECTS) will be on an original hypothesis that has the potential to significantly advance the field.

The project is chosen from the list of available projects.