This programme aims to bring together scientists, physicians, academics, and business managers to create a remarkable generation of professionals better prepared to bridge the gap between academic research and industry.


The aim of this Ph.D. program proposal is to endow students with a multidisciplinary training required to be at the forefront of research in mechanisms of disease and regenerative medicine. This training will allow the PhD candidates to have a wide view of the field and transfer their scientific skills into the industry.

The proposal builds on the research expertise of CBMR and DCBM from the Universidade do Algarve and CEDOC/FCM, from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.



At the end of the training period, the candidates will be able to:

- acquire a solid knowledge on Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, and molecular mechanisms of human diseases;

- generate hypothesis, plan, conduct and analyze experimental research;

- work within a group and independently;

- present and discuss own results and ideas and interact with other professionals taking advantage of new social/business networking tools and environments;

- Contribute significantly to the field with publications and a thesis;

- Write a business plan, understand basic management and business principles, and product marketing.