Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I apply?

To apply to this programme please send a curriculum vitae, a motivation letter and the contacts of two reference by email to Please note that It is the candidate responsibility to ensure that all necessary reference letters are submitted by their referees within the application deadline. Reference letters submitted by the candidate will not be considered.


Q: How is my application evaluated?

Each candidate will be evaluated based on the bachelors’ and masters final classification, previous publications (as an author or co-author) in international peer-reviewed journals or meetings, motivation and recommendation letters. The relative weight of each parameter is detailed here.

The minimal classification for admission is 14. This classification is calculated by the simple average of the classification of the BSc and Masters degree. Example:

Candidate A

BSc classification: 16

MSc classification: 18

Classification for admission: (16+18)/2 = 17


Candidate B

BSc classification: 13

MSc classification: 15

Classification for admission: (13+15)/2 = 14


Candidates will be ranked based on the information contained in the application and the best ranked candidates will be subsequently interviewed for assessment of personal and scientific maturity, enthusiasm, determination and work ethics.


Q: Can I apply before I finish my degree?

Yes. However it is necessary to submit an official transcript of records with the individual marks obtained to the date of the application. Additionally, a personal statement indicating the expected final grade should also be included.

Candidates will be ranked based on the expected classification indicated in the application. After completion of the degree the candidates must immediately submit the official transcript awarded by the institution. After submitting the official transcript the candidates will be re-evaluated and re-classified. In case the final grade is lower than the indicated during the application process, the Programme reserves the right to refuse admission to the candidate.


Q: When do I choose my PhD project?

After the candidate selection process and before the beginning of the Programme. Nevertheless, during the application procedure all students must select two projects from the list of available research projects.


Q: Will I have to live both in Lisboa and Faro?

No. Although this programme results from a collaboration from CBMR/UAlg (Faro) and CEDOC/UNL (Lisbon) most classes will be taught at the Universidade do Algarve in Faro, with 4 courses taking place in Faro and 3 in Lisboa. After the courses the candidates are based in the institution where the supervisor conducts research.


Q: What is the working language of the Programme?

English is the working language of the Programme. Proficiency in english language is therefore essential to attend this programme.


Q: Do I need to have funding to enroll in the programme?

No. The 9 selected candidates will be fully funded by the Ph.D. Programme. Besides these 9 selected candidates, depending on availability, other selected candidates can enroll in the Ph.D. programme provided they secure their own funding. The Programme can assist these candidates with such application.


Q: Can I attend only part of the programme?

As candidates enrolled in the programme, students are expected to attend the entire programme.


Q: What is a thesis committee?

Each student will have a thesis committee composed of a researcher from each participating institute. The students and the thesis committee are expected to have bi-annual meetings (or as often as necessary) to assess research progress, address any problem, conflict or deviations from the original research project.