Chronic and Degenerative diseases

Chronic and Degenerative diseases

3 weeks – 6 ECTS


Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, metabolic and rare diseases.

Ciliopathies of primary and motile cilia.

Neurodegenerative diseases and consequent speech-impairment disorders.

Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.


The curricular unit Chronic and Degenerative Diseases will be based on the following diseases: cancer, diabetes, metabolic diseases, ciliopathies, rare diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

The principal aims of this Curricular Unit are:

- Understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of several chronic diseases;

- Acquire the ability to correlate studies in experimental models with the development of human disease; with different perspectives in biomedical research: fundamental vs. clinical research

- Understand what is the optimal model for each disease;

- Apply the scientific knowledge and tools to develop strategies for new therapies;

Classes will be taught by clinicians and researchers with expertize on the topics presented, and always taking into account the two perspectives of research in human health: fundamental and clinical.