Tentative schedule for the application and selection process:
  1. Call for candidates (29th November – 27th December);
  2. Rank applicants. Select top 24 candidates (1st - 8th January);
  3. Interview of 24 top-ranked candidates (18th - 19th January);
  4. Ranking of candidates. Admission of 12 candidates (top 9 – scholarship recipients) (22nd - 26th January);
  5. Match the candidates to projects/supervisors (26th - 31st January);
  6. Preparation of the doctoral project by candidate/supervisor (1st - 15th February);
  7. Submission of proposals for approval by the PDB and the institutional governing body (16th - 23rd February);
  8. Registration at the institution conferring the doctoral degree and start of activities. (1st March – Onwards).